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<TheMaestro> Fucking woke up today and couldn't move my neck, so there was like no school for me either fgt
<+The_Spaniard> but you could still sit up and type
<+The_Spaniard> God bless computers and their ease of use
<Nitro> you sprained your neck while sucking cock, eh?
<+The_Spaniard> ROFL
<+The_Spaniard> He was whipping his head around good
<+The_Spaniard> Giving them a suckoff of a lifetime
<Nitro> he was going like a jackhammer
<Nitro> 500 rpm

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<Macavity> [Drones on for 50 lines about the difference between Hellmarch 1 and 2]
<Macavity> True. I must admit, though, they both have this feeling of...inevitability to them. Like you can't stop what's happening - or you can't be stopped.
<Kiru> Like how you can't stop fucking talking about Command & Conquer

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[GSF]08052 Hi triplo
RVS|00033 You sexy genetically modified super soldier woman
[GSF]08052 hmmm
[GSF]08052 sounds dangerous
RVS|00033 I want to sexxor you
RVS|00033 Why have we grown apart?
RVS|00033 :((
[GSF]08052 I prefer killing up close
[GSF]08052 While you are so distant
RVS|00033 I cannot help it that I'm a longdistance lover :/
[GSF]08052 omg
[GSF]08052 Eh
[GSF]08052 Ugh
[GSF]08052 sounds hot
RVS|00033 Be with me and let little 00099s feet patter on the floor stealthily!
[GSF]08052 :O
[GSF]08052 I cannot
RVS|00033 omg, why not baby? :(
* [GSF]08052 turns away passionatly
* RVS|00033 persues passionately
[GSF]08052 Theres.... someone else.....
RVS|00033 OMG
[GSF]08052 I am sorry!
RVS|00033 :O
* [GSF]08052 bursts into tears
[GSF]08052 but I Was so lonely when you left to go snipe those people from the church tower
* RVS|00033 yells in rage and stabs himself

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<[GSF]00033> Human hair is covering this book
<Leo|Faparama> It's the Pubimicon.

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<Kiru> I wish I could crack my penis
<[GSF]JohnDoe> you don't
<[GSF]JohnDoe> trust me

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<Kiru> I fapped before my body produced semen
<TheMaestro> haha
<Kiru> imagine my suprize on one fateful day
<[GSF]Holliday> hahahaha

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<moz> Sargasm: i could be, but think about this: what kind of girl gives it up that way?
<Sargasm> The kind of girl who isn't conscious

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<[GSF]JohnDoe> when I shall visit NYC I shall take pictures
<[GSF]JohnDoe> lots of pictures
<Nitro> You can take pics
<Nitro> just dont do it SUSPICIOUSLY
<Coolidge> While your taking pictures, make exploding sounds.

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<The_Spaniard> Which mod would you sleep with
<ShangTang> BangBang
<The_Spaniard> has to be gay
<ShangTang> fux
<[GSF]Holliday> hahahaha
<The_Spaniard> bang does not count, 2 easy
<Sargasm> Golden Wang
<[GSF]Holliday> shang tang had that quite ready
<[GSF]Holliday> i think he lusts after her
<ShangTang> I saw the question
<ShangTang> my fingers did the rest
<[GSF]Holliday> hahaha
<Necro_Furry> Sars, you are my featured quote-sig-guy for now
<Necro_Furry> congrats
<The_Spaniard> he was not even paying attention he was watching TV and his fingers answered the call
<ShangTang> I like a woman who can take control.
<Sargasm> :D
<ShangTang> Rawwwrr

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<Kiru> dammit Nitro, you should have made early 90's sex ed videos
<Catfish> *faps*
<Nitro> sex ed videos are my calling
<Nitro> I can make a whole series with puppets and stuff
<Nitro> Clitorina The Clean Clit
<Kiru> make sure to practice anal abstinence
<Nitro> Andy Anal Bead ("its cool to lube! Its cool to lube! You dont want to hurt your rectum dude!!)
<Kiru> ahahah
<Nitro> Fred the Fantastic Foreskin (You pull me back! You pull me back! You pull me back I say!!!! You pull me back, buddy, then clean the grime away!! Oh, you clean the grime away!!)
* Nitro np: Deltron 3030 - Proto Culture [04:13m/128Kbps/44KHz]
* [GSF]Pyronus has joined #gsf
* ChanOP sets mode: +o [GSF]Pyronus
<Nitro> its cool to lube! Its cool to lube! You dont want to hurt your rectum dude!!
<[GSF]Pyronus> i hate this palce
* [GSF]Pyronus has quit IRC (Exit: bais)
<Kiru> hey Pyro
<Kiru> Pyro learned an important lesson today
<Kiru> Didn't he, Andy Anal Bead?

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<TheMaestro> I was in the car with my friend and his pops
<TheMaestro> and we were talkin about the 16 player Halo thing he's gonna do in a few weeks
<TheMaestro> and his dad says "see i don't get that, 16 people sittin around playin videogames, that's gay, why don't you watch porn and jack off"
<TheMaestro> and i'm like "that's HELLA gay"
<[GSF]Hardflip> lol
<Kingthing> ahahaha
<TheMaestro> and he says "shit when i was 12 or so we used to jack each other off, see who could get it the highest...this one kid, terry widdle (or some shit) could hit the ceiling man, whew"
<Kingthing> AHAHAHA
<Kingthing> NICE
<TheMaestro> me and my friend were fuckin dying for a mile
<[GSF]Hardflip> AHAHAHA
<Kingthing> Was the guy serious?
<TheMaestro> i was tryin to eat some peanut butter cup, and i'm bout to throw up from laughing so hard
<TheMaestro> haha yea
<Kingthing> my day +1
<Panz> rofl
<TheMaestro> he's like 50 now, said he was like 12 when he circle-jerked
<TheMaestro> "fuck man, shit woudl just 'peetchew' shoot up and hit the celing, shit"
<Kingthing> That man is god.
<TheMaestro> he's fuckin hilarious
<TheMaestro> he picks us up from school and always talks shit about the girls
<Kingthing> hehe
<TheMaestro> "that girl right there, that's a tight butt, I bet you could get her, eh (Maestro)?
<MrPickles> I wonder if it's apparent to you that your friends dad is making fun of you. :)
<TheMaestro> "you see a girl like that, just walkin down the street, looks like nobody cares about her, goes home to an empty house...just start walkin down the street with her for a couple days, take her out for a Coke, go see a movie...then you get your hands in her pants man, and you're in Heaven"
<Kingthing> Ah man, I have a friend who's like that with his kid. I hope he's still at it at 50, so his kid's friend can go on the net and tell everyone
<Kingthing> Ahahaha
<Kingthing> He has the tactics worked out man, you just have to do what he tells you- however gay or dubious, this man was obviously a player in his past.

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<[GSF]Morbid> Hmmm, I don't really think I'd eat a bagel I'd just had sex with...
<[GSF]Morbid> We'd probably just cuddle for a while

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<Catfish> I wish I had a digital Ouija board to do all my typing for me
<Bal> I have one. Check it out
<Bal> D
<Bal> e
<Bal> a
<Bal> d
<Bal> b
<Bal> y
<Bal> d
<Bal> a
<Bal> w
<Bal> v
<Bal> N^
<Bal> Fucking thing typoed.
<Bal> I'm sending it back.
<Catfish> hehe
<Catfish> why must everything you say be so awesome?
<Bal> Genetic engineering.

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<[GSF]Hardflip> fhhhhhhhhhhv
<[GSF]Hardflip> aaaaaaaaambbbbbbeksk
<[GSF]Hardflip> god fucking damnit
<CerealSamurai> What?? I can't hear you over your vibrator

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<CerealSamurai> Yeah? Well I've been washing my clothes since I was a fetus
<Catfish> I've been washing a fetus with my
<Akimbo> see? then it's the perfect plan nagash... the perfect plan...
<Chef_W> scraping the shit out of youre own diper
<CerealSamurai> lol @ fishcat
<Akimbo> Catfish? You washed your birth coating? But the only thing to wash it with in the wonb is you undeveloped tounge! Ewwww sick!
<[GSF]LordNagash> Unless he pissed all over himself
<Akimbo> lol, very true.
<[GSF]LordNagash> or cleansed his body with the ritual sacrifice of both his parents
<CerealSamurai> ...
* CerealSamurai drops his burrito
<CerealSamurai> STOP IT! STOP IT!
<Akimbo> I guess he means since he spawned in the river or something.
<Akimbo> wouldn't that be great? He's slice off both thier heads with a straight razor then do that dancing baby cha cha dance in thier fountains of blood.

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@([GSF]Management) pffft my wifes engagement ring was less than my vid card

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<Sargasm> I had a floppy drive but I put some porn on it and now it is a HARD DRIVE INDEED

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<CookieJesus> yay 4 virii
<[GSF]JohnDoe> I steal things with lov
<CookieJesus> My HD is as dirty as a Mexican whore
<moz> CookieJesus: you talking about yourself again?
<[GSF]Quizical> DAMN YOU MOZ
<moz> hahaha

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<DarkFlow> `8ball Are you in the mood to suck Leo's cock?
<GameOP> 8ball: Are you in the mood to suck Leo's cock??? That's a question you should ask yourself.!!

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<Sargasm> Hahahaha, MMB is on an iMac
<Kiru> ahahahha

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*** Head- is now known as Head
* Macavity gets Head, gives Head to moz.
<[GSF]Pyronus> thats disgusting
<[GSF]Pyronus> O_O
<Head> sicko
<Macavity> >get Head moz
<CookieJesus> Macavity is giving Head... please line up
* Macavity get Head from the corpse of moz.
<Macavity> >give Head JohnDoe
<CookieJesus> Wow, now moz is a zombie... and is also giving Head
<[GSF]JohnDoe> \o/
* Macavity gives Head to JohnDoe.
<[GSF]Holliday> \o\
<Macavity> >tell JohnDoe Take care of Head for me.
* [GSF]JohnDoe sploorges on Macavities face

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<Thrall> I had to share a hotel bed with mom the other night in virginia beach. my first thought upon waking up was "Thank god i don't have morning wood"
<dsbnh> oh jesus
<ShangTang> not dead yet
<dsbnh> well at least you didnt wake up with her nipple in your mouth and had to look at her and say "sorry, flashback"

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<Leo|Savior> Ah yes, another day spend popping dick zits...

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<GSF_nothing> mom's just telling me that I shouldn't take bread for granted
<[GSF]Morbid> Wait... bread's just wheat puffed up, sort of. do we have a wheat shortage somewhere?
<GSF_nothing> Ethiopia has a shortage of everything except aids

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<Catfish> :)
* Hellion downloads it off napster
<Hellion> :)
* Catfish files a lawsuit
<Hellion> :(

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<DarkFlow> I will not respond to this spam until they can GUARANTEE at LEAST 20 inches
<Bob2000> that would be painful
<[GSF]Morbid> 20 inches would be impressive, and, ironically, more or less unusable.
<[GSF]Morbid> The bloodloss from your head would be enough to make you black out.
<DarkFlow> it'd be worth it - finally something to brag about without having fin say he's got bigger stuff

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* [GSF]medium_tom has joined #gsf
Plissken: Take Tom for example, he loves it.
[GSF]Quizical: He always refuses lubrication too.
Plissken: Which is surprising.
[GSF]Quizical: Considering the size of it, you have to wonder how he goes to the toilet.
[GSF]medium_tom: I love what?
* [GSF]DarkFlow has joined #gsf
Plissken: Take DarkFlow for example, he loves it.

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Quizical: ok, so what do you look like?
Girl: thats not important.........i juz want thru icq.......hurry.........i cant wait..........o.......
Quizical: sorry, but I really want to know what you look like, I don't want a pic or anything, just describe yourself
Girl: short hair.........big eyes........quick......i cant wait
Quizical: have you been with a guy before? You ever seen one naked, either in a picture or in real life?
Girl: no.
Quizical: how old are you?
Girl: 19
Quizical: well you should probably know that before men have sex they have to eat some butter.
Girl: y?
Girl: i juz wanna start with u thru icq now.......
Quizical: it's just biological, hang on I have to get some butter
Girl: quick............oooooooooo
Quizical: ok, I couldn't find any, do you mind waiting while I go to the store?
Girl: i mind........juz get start
Quizical: ok, I've got some margarine, that might work
Girl: QUICK!
Quizical: before we start you should see my pic, go to

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<[GSF]Holliday> the president called me earlier like "who is this [P]aradox, i feel so bad for him"

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<Head> if I download porn off of Kazaa
<Head> you think the RIAA can find me?
<dsbnh> yeah the RECORDING industry has huge ties for porn
<[GSF]Nitro> Head- you will be sued by Ron Jeremy
<[GSF]Nitro> actually, since his penis is a legal entity and franchise, it will be the wang that sues you
<Head> lol
<dsbnh> its actually declared a country
<dsbnh> you can recieve asylum by hiding under it
<dsbnh> it was recognized as a hero when it saved 3 children from drowning
<Head> lol
<Panz> and then cummed in there faces
<dsbnh> ....
<Panz> *Splat*
<Panz> ....
<dsbnh> why must you turn a story of heroism into a sick twisted pedophile affair

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<[GSF]Nitro> if that hot assistant had done a tumor check on my nads, it would have been an embarrassing experience for both of us
<Quizical> heh
<PunMeister> lol
<The_Spaniard> excuse me sir can you do something about that erection
<[GSF]Nitro> unless she found a tumor.. that would kill the mood pretty fast I bet
<[GSF]Nitro> 8=============D
<[GSF]Nitro> you have cancer
<[GSF]Nitro> 8D

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* [GSF]Quizical ( has joined #gsf
* ChanOP sets mode: +o [GSF]Quizical
[GSF]Quizical: oh gods
[GSF]Quizical: oh shit no
[GSF]Quizical: I will never feel clean again
[GSF]Quizical: my mother just told me, completely out of the blue, "You were conceived in Pembrokeshire"
[GSF]Holliday: :)
[GSF]Holliday: relax they are just trying to scare you
[GSF]Holliday: you were born in a cabbage patch
[GSF]Holliday: then wrapped up and deliverd by a stork
[GSF]Quizical: yes
[GSF]Quizical: yes that's right
[GSF]Quizical: my parents have no genitals
[GSF]Quizical: they don't even know what they are
[GSF]Holliday: hahahaha
[GSF]Quizical: they're as sexless as a teletubby
[GSF]Holliday: hahahahaha
[GSF]Holliday: isn't one of the teletubbies gay...
[GSF]Quizical: and yet I can't stop myself from wrapping my arms around my knees and shivering
[GSF]Quizical: NO
fin: There's a little bit of a flaw in your logic...
[GSF]Quizical: QUIET

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Submitted By: Leo
[00:29:35] <Nitro> ny has mad awesome programs
[00:29:52] <Nitro> and i shouldnt have trouble getting into one unless some really bad shit happens
[00:30:11] <Nitro> so i will be most likely training here
[00:30:29] <Nitro> hopefully not in brooklyn tho
[00:30:55] <Leo> so uh
[00:31:03] <Leo> don't you gotta tell niggaz in advance wut you wanna do
[00:31:05] <Leo> neuro etc
[00:31:31] <Leo> or can you apply
[00:31:44] <tedk> no dog
[00:31:45] <Leo> and fuckin fight niggaz for spots once you get there
[00:31:51] <Leo> like in grey's anatomy
[00:31:51] <tedk> what if ny took all the top nigguz
[00:31:57] <tedk> and they all wanted to be proctologists
[00:32:04] <Leo> ap
[00:32:20] <tedk> you would have a million ass doctors meanwhile nigguz flatlining and no one knows wtf to do

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Submitted By: Shacker
[19:04] <tedk> bring back apartheid for fat people
[19:05] <Leo> how old's this fat nigga
[19:05] <Leo> shit's flappin all over the place
[19:05] <tedk> 24
[19:05] <Leo> but i still tight
[19:05] <Leo> like a baby
[19:05] <Leo> 's skin
[19:17] <Nitro> wrap your dick in tegaderm
[19:19] <Nitro> chetnik assholes
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