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Submitted By: jim profit
profitsline: i am jim profit
[12:26am] governor_of_oz: hello profit
[12:26am] governor_of_oz is now known as governor_devlin.
[12:26am] governor_devlin: im governor devlin
[12:26am] governor_devlin: gracen and gracen has sold us many nigger killing machines
[12:26am] governor_devlin: perhaps i could interest you in a new venture
[12:26am] profitsline: interesting
[12:27am] governor_devlin: i want to house all the inmates in oz in cardboard boxes
[12:27am] profitsline: i just manipulated a psychologist into manipulating my nemesis my hypnosis
[12:27am] profitsline: now she hates food
[12:27am] profitsline: it was an ingenius plan
[12:27am] governor_devlin: thats fuckin sick dude
[12:27am] governor_devlin: i have this problem
[12:28am] governor_devlin: the warden of this prison i spend all of my time at
[12:28am] governor_devlin: and campaign at
[12:28am] governor_devlin: and my entire policy is centered around
[12:28am] governor_devlin: he says that you cant feed prisoners steel wool
[12:28am] governor_devlin: what should i do
[12:28am] profitsline: hmm
[12:28am] decoy: lolol
[12:28am] profitsline: well first of all
[12:29am] profitsline: you have to recognize the line
[12:29am] profitsline: and that sometimes
[12:29am] profitsline: there is no line
[12:29am] profitsline: are you ready for this?
[12:29am] governor_devlin: ok lay it on me profit
[12:30am] profitsline: hold on
[12:31am] profitsline: my boss just sniffed 80 lines of cocaine in his office
[12:31am] governor_devlin: hahahah
[12:31am] profitsline: temporary distraction
[12:31am] governor_devlin: i hate that
[12:31am] governor_devlin: when youre trying to play tennis
[12:31am] governor_devlin: and some dude has 12 drinks
[12:31am] governor_devlin: why does that happen all the time
[12:32am] profitsline: i dunno dude
[12:32am] profitsline: for some reason i have contacts in the IRA
[12:32am] profitsline: even though im just a low level executive at a box company
[12:32am] profitsline: if you want you can send him to ireland
[12:32am] profitsline: and i can put a hit out on him
[12:33am] governor_devlin: ok cool
[12:33am] governor_devlin: yo profit
[12:33am] governor_devlin: if theres anyone at your company
[12:33am] governor_devlin: that you need to be framed for murder in the most obvious and hamfisted way possible
[12:33am] governor_devlin: i'm your man
[12:33am] governor_devlin: it's pretty much how i've spent half my term as governor
[12:33am] profitsline: lol
[12:34am] profitsline: hmmm
[12:35am] profitsline: well ive pretty much murdered everyone inside my company by now
[12:35am] profitsline: so yeah i could use a scapegoat
[12:36am] profitsline: like my mom
[12:36am] governor_devlin: dude we're so lucky
[12:36am] profitsline: you'll recognize her she has a distinct and realistic southern accent
[12:36am] governor_devlin: i've personally had 59 people killed as governor
[12:36am] governor_devlin: and all i've had to deal with is some faggot with red hair yelling at me
[12:36am] profitsline: wow dude
[12:37am] profitsline: yeah i was raised in a box for 20 years in front of a television
[12:37am] profitsline: eventually i confronted my 90 year old dad in the hospital tho
[12:37am] profitsline: and pushed him out a 50 story window
[12:37am] profitsline: if you think about it my story makes a lot of sense
[12:38am] governor_devlin: sa,e
[12:39am] governor_devlin: i've campaigned on looking at prisoners as subhumans
[12:39am] governor_devlin: banning smoking in one specific area of one specific prison
[12:39am] governor_devlin: and openly hating black people
[12:39am] governor_devlin: yet i've won 3 elections by landslides in a state with tons of minorities
[12:39am] governor_devlin: it makes total sense
[12:40am] profitsline: hmm im planning on murdering the entire board of directors at my company for no reason
[12:40am] profitsline: could i use one of the dudes in your nigger factory as a scapegoat?
[12:40am] governor_devlin: oh definitely man
[12:40am] governor_devlin: there's this guy in there who was a star quartback with a 4.0 gpa
[12:40am] governor_devlin: he did charity work and stuff
[12:41am] governor_devlin: one time he questioned me at a public event so i had him framed for aggravated sexual assault of a child
[12:41am] profitsline: lol
[12:41am] profitsline: oh yeah ive heard of him
[12:42am] profitsline: hes the leader of the homeboys right
[12:42am] governor_devlin: nah hes actualy part of another gang, the Bad Niggaz
[12:42am] profitsline: oh ok
[12:43am] profitsline: oh wait i was thinking of the GET STACK$$$ MASTERS anyway
[12:43am] decoy: lol
[12:43am] profitsline: oh by the way
[12:43am] governor_devlin: yeah they're not to be fucked with
[12:43am] profitsline: im thinking of steling someone's identity
[12:43am] profitsline: do you have anybody with a realistic sounding name like mine?
[12:44am] governor_devlin: oh yeah
[12:44am] governor_devlin: theres this guy in the state senate
[12:44am] governor_devlin: Lawrence Righteous
[12:44am] profitsline: hmm
[12:44am] profitsline: that doesnt sound like a guy who would cross a line
[12:45am] profitsline: see i personally have no line
[12:45am] governor_devlin: well no shit dude but sometimes you have to pretend to break your own rules
[12:45am] governor_devlin: like one time
[12:45am] governor_devlin: even though i hate black people
[12:45am] governor_devlin: and campaign on that fact
[12:45am] governor_devlin: i pardoned a hardline revolutionary muslim prisoner for no reason
[12:46am] profitsline: good point
[12:46am] profitsline: i bet people compare you a lot to zeus
[12:47am] governor_devlin: oh do they!
[12:47am] profitsline: i mean the ones who have heard of greek mythology
[12:47am] governor_devlin: i have all the thunderbolts
[12:47am] profitsline: (probably not many)
[12:47am] governor_devlin: yeah its kind of rare, not a lot of people know who he is
[12:47am] profitsline: yeah
[12:47am] governor_devlin: i'm trying a new one out:
[12:47am] governor_devlin: do you know about childhood stories, warden?
[12:47am] governor_devlin: ok good
[12:47am] governor_devlin: well i'm the big bad wolf
[12:47am] governor_devlin: and i'm about to blow your house down
[12:47am] profitsline: ROFL
[12:50am] profitsline: i like greek mythology too cuz theres always a lesson at the end
[12:50am] profitsline: like there are certain creeds i always live by like
[12:50am] profitsline: sometimes to gain your enemies' trust, you have to kill them