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Submitted By: falcon.txt
Falcon: hi
A_TERRIBLE: hello falcon
A_TERRIBLE: who are you on gamespy
Falcon: I work for GameSpy as a volunteer
A_TERRIBLE: whaaat
A_TERRIBLE: so you dont get paid?
Falcon: "volunteer"
flapdragon: ...
A_TERRIBLE: you donate your time
kiru: volunteer
kiru: like peacecorp
A_TERRIBLE: because you love your hard hitting reviews of omega hentai blast faggot force 7
kiru: kids on the internet cant afford no forums
kiru: its a terrible thing
A_TERRIBLE: i wasn't thinking about the poor kids in africa
A_TERRIBLE: or the katrina survivors
kiru: lol
kiru: you know
kiru: you go to gsa
kiru: every time you see one of those 12 year olds posting their gay slash fanfiction your heart just melts
kiru: god bless
A_TERRIBLE: there are kids in america
A_TERRIBLE: that can't get the previews of anime games for the ninetendo ds
A_TERRIBLE: now they can
kiru: george bush doesnt care about planet gamecube
A_TERRIBLE: thank you
A_TERRIBLE: for just 2 dollars a day
A_TERRIBLE: you can support a review of soul caliber 3
kiru: this here is XxXSephiroph_BLadEZXxX
kiru: in two months he will be banned
kiru: without your help
A_TERRIBLE: [MatrixKillaz]Ne0124 doesn't ask for much in life
A_TERRIBLE: he just wants a poll questioning which matrix character would be the coolest in real life
A_TERRIBLE: if you just donate your time
A_TERRIBLE: he can have that
kiru: it doesnt take much
kiru: just some webspace to host pictures of her underage chest
kiru: and AnGeL_EyEZ can find love on the internet
kiru: the love she deserves
A_TERRIBLE_DAD is listening to U2 - Do They Know Starcraft 2 Comes Out Today?
A_TERRIBLE_DAD is listening to U2 - Where the Team Deathmatch Maps Have No Name
kiru: when they took away the pedophiles forum, I said nothing
kiru: when they took away the furry scat porn forum, I said nothing
kiru: when they take away my Ninja Gaiden forum, there will be no one left to post about it
A_TERRIBLE: 1 image macro is hilarious
A_TERRIBLE: 1 million image macros is a gold thread
kiru: where were YOU when the poke thread was deleted?
flapdragon: 1 million image macros of monty python makes you an internet superstar
A_TERRIBLE: I...I could have saved more threads about if George Bush was a monkey
flapdragon: i have a dream
flapdragon: where all our brothers can post about butt monkeys and ninjas
flapdragon: and be free of discrimination
A_TERRIBLE: I do not dream of a pirate America
A_TERRIBLE: or a ninja America
A_TERRIBLE: or a Chuck Norris America
A_TERRIBLE: a Family Guy avatar America
A_TERRIBLE: a 32 year old virgin America
A_TERRIBLE: I believe in a United States
A_TERRIBLE: of posting about times when you owned theists
flapdragon: ask not what ninja gaiden forum can do for you
flapdragon: but what you can do for ninja gaiden forum
A_TERRIBLE: we shall overcome our moms telling us it's time to get off the computer
flapdragon: a day which will live in infamy
flapdragon: this fuckhole on the internet made fun of my naruto/indiana jones crossover fanfic
flapdragon: and made me drop my shandy in disgust
kiru: unforgivable
A_TERRIBLE: an iron wall has fallen over the forums
A_TERRIBLE: I can read your posts
A_TERRIBLE: The world can read your posts
A_TERRIBLE: and the shitwaffles that made fun of my anime thread will definitely read your posts
flapdragon: i made them stop however
flapdragon: with an offer they couldnt refuse
flapdragon: i threatened to find their home address online and post it all over the internet
A_TERRIBLE: before the forum was goatse'd
A_TERRIBLE: we thought registering could protect us from attack
A_TERRIBLE: now we know that isn't true
flapdragon: hey falcony bro u still around
flapdragon: i have a funny monty python lolcat i want to send to you