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ted: im gonna be a marine colonel
jim: brb
ted: after watching generation kill
Leo: thief
Leo: warrior
Leo: gladiator
Leo: pedo
Leo: grant me loli
jim: you could show off your dragon tattoo to all the officers
Leo: looks like the dragon switched countries
ted: yo
jim: ted you're gonna try and suck your own dick while steering a humvee
jim: and snap your neck
ted: more like im gonna fight for freedom
ted: fighting for your freedom to jack off to a picture of vic mackey you drew on a hamburger
ted: fuck u jimmy
ted: support our troops
Leo: got milk
jim: remember protocol tho
jim: you'll have to shave off your pube beard
jim: do u really want to do that?
ted: yo i know you got me going down on your mother g but i dont actually have to use a razor to take her off
Leo: wut
jim: yo if u keep sucking cock you'll eventually sound like godfather
jim: you're 80 percent there