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Submitted By: ted
<ted> i gave your mother a hysterectomy with my cock
[21:06] <Leo> hahahah
[21:06] <Leo> fishing hooks on the end of the dick
[21:06] <Leo> IN N OUT
[21:06] <ted> no nigga
[21:06] <ted> i just pounded that shit hard cowgirl position
[21:06] <ted> then lifted her up and that shit just fell out
[21:07] <ted> like a soup can turned over
[21:07] <Leo> aw
[21:07] <Leo> awwwwwwwwwww
[21:07] <Leo> jesus christ
[21:07] <Leo> that tops my previous mental image
[21:07] <Leo> i'm sittin here, thinking how sad it is that aa's sis can't be a doc
<Nitro> fuck you ted
[21:07] <Leo> and how the most medical research she'll ever be able to participate in is reporting on the taste of cum
[21:07] <Leo> presented to her in shot glasses
[21:08] <jim> rofl
[21:09] <Leo> aa, pix?
[21:10] * Nitro has quit IRC ()
[21:12] <Atari_Addict> leo you think you're getting to me but I haven't been to IRC for months and I'm probably not coming back for months
[21:12] <ted> thats cool
[21:12] <Leo> i know that's why i'm getting some digs in before you leave again
[21:13] <ted> your deaf sister's hearing isnt coming back for life
[21:13] <Leo> you french fried faggot
[21:13] <ted> gg tag team leo o/
[21:13] <Leo> o/\o
[21:15] <Atari_Addict> you live in Switzerland so fuck you cat eater. oh wait I
[21:15] <Atari_Addict> I'm 1/4th Swiss anyways
[21:15] <Atari_Addict> burn on me
[21:17] <Leo> you suck at this
[21:19] <Atari_Addict> I can't make fun of your ethnic group 'cause I don't know what it is
[21:20] <Atari_Addict> and you admit to being a pedo, so, that's more depricating than anything I could possibly type
[21:22] <Leo> you know what
[21:22] <Leo> put your sis on
[21:23] <Leo> she's bound to have better comebacks
[21:23] <Leo> to complement the cum in the back of her throat
[21:25] <jim>
[21:27] <Atari_Addict> your so funny leo, I can't wait until someone steals your computer and you can't report it stolen because with all the cp on it, you'd do more time than the robber
[21:29] <Leo> nigga if their pedo stings were worth a damn i'd be locked away already
[21:29] <ted> you're so funny atari addict i cant wait till you die so i can stop laughing
[21:29] <Atari_Addict> ted did I say something funny?
[21:30] <ted> no actually only two thirds of that sentence was true
[21:30] <Leo> i'm starting to think that every time you read about how hundreds of pedos got busted, it's just to scare niggaz
[21:31] <Atari_Addict> at least I don't send pics of my cock to random Internet kids
[21:32] <ted> at least i have a cock
[21:34] <Atari_Addict> or you did until you got it stuck in a pencil sharpener
[21:35] <ted> is that what your mother told you when you saw daddy on top of her naked and asked where his penis went?
[21:38] <Atari_Addict> fyi I never walked in on or heard my parents doing anything, I know in a double wide trailer it's a lot easier to overhear stuff so I'm sorry that you were scarred by that upbringing
[21:39] <ted> oh fuck thats right i forgot your mother threw you in a trash can after giving birth to you in the bathroom of a target
[21:39] <Atari_Addict> we dont have targets in Canada that negates your joke fool
[21:40] <ted> oh fuck you got rescued by a canadian?
[21:40] <ted> you had a worse childhood than i thought
[21:41] * Atari_Addict has quit IRC ()