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jim: omg these past two weeks have been fuckin awesome
jim: me and my nigga took a bunch of pills at 4 am in our dorm
jim: and decided to go trick or treating
jim: so i went as a ballerina and he like a fireman
jim: then we started knocking on ppls doors and pissing off the whole building
jim: i think we got a cigarette
jim: and some spare change
jim: then someone put detergent in this big ass fountain by our dorm
jim: so we swam there and theere were hot chicks swimming there
jim: and then we watched killer klowns from outer space while on valiuma and weed and some other shit
jim: so anyway
jim: life is great
jim: oh yeah i just went on this 2 hour long grueling fucking run
jim: and i came home and there was chili and blue moon and animal crackers and weed waiting for me
jim: and i was fuckin starving
jim: omg am in heaven
jim: life is good