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Submitted By: Shacker
[00:26] <chad> the upfront fee for caricatures is $75 and $20 an hour
[00:26] <chad> I get paid $60 a week at my dumb retail job
[00:26] <chad> so I'm pretty much rushing around trying to set myself up nicely
[00:26] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> ahahahah waht
[00:26] <chad> also taking it a bit easy this quarter, tired of stressing out over stuff
[00:26] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> 60 dollars a week?
[00:26] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> what do you do
[00:26] <chad> yep
[00:26] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> work 5 hours a week
[00:27] <chad> work at Brookstone
[00:27] <ted> ROFL
[00:27] <ted> head
[00:27] <chad> umm
[00:27] <ted> my homie works at brookstone
[00:27] <chad> about 15-20
[00:27] <ted> he makes 800 dollars every month
[00:27] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> wait
[00:27] <ted> what the fuck are you doing
[00:27] <chad> I get seriously screwed
[00:27] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> thats impossible
[00:27] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> you can't make that little
[00:27] <ted> ROFL
[00:27] <ted> head
[00:27] <ted> seriously bro
[00:27] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> holy shit ahahhahahahah you are a fucking doormat
[00:27] <@Zeke> what hte fuck
[00:27] <ted> my homie work those same hours
[00:27] <chad> oh, I am
[00:27] <ted> at the same fucking store
[00:27] <chad> I also have the highest selling percentage there
[00:27] <ted> he gets $800 a month
[00:27] <@Zeke> Chad is this at least after tax?
[00:27] <ted> ROFL
[00:27] <ted> WHAT THE FUCK
[00:27] <chad> yeas Zeke
[00:27] <ted> head
[00:27] <chad> yes*
[00:27] <ted> my nigga hits a bowl in the stockroom
[00:27] <ted> every day
[00:28] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> i know this bitch who can barely smoke a cigarette without lighting her tits on fire and she somehow manages to get 400 dollars a week from hollister and works there 10 hours a week basically
[00:28] <@Zeke> Man, even that...fuck
[00:28] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> so jesus christ what are you doing
[00:28] <chad> umm
[00:28] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> your wage is 3 dollars an hour
[00:28] <[BTFzor]Ocelot> ROFL