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Submitted By: spergin ain't easy
[21:33] <jimm> hmm i might invite that chick to a strip club with my buddy
[21:33] <jimm> ltr tonight
[21:33] <[BTFzor]Ocelot_> the christian chick
[21:33] <[BTFzor]Ocelot_> genius
[21:34] <jimm> not all of them are prudes
[21:34] <jimm> we'll see
[21:35] <jimm> im open to whatever
[21:35] <jimm> she should be too
[21:35] <[BTFzor]Ocelot_> someone's in for a night of meatballs
[21:36] <jimm> with any luck ill have pounded her by the end of the night
[21:36] <Nitro> enshrouded in meatballs
[21:36] <[BTFzor]Ocelot_> jimmy she has a boyfriend and is a christian who you said kept her virginity till college
[21:36] <[BTFzor]Ocelot_> how do you propose having sex with her
[21:37] <jimm> actually i dunno if she's a virgin
[21:37] <jimm> thats just a guess
[21:37] <[BTFzor]Ocelot_> how are you going to mack on her jimmy
[21:37] <jimm> i dunno ill think of something
[21:37] <Nitro> gg jimmy
[21:37] <Nitro> u have confidence
[21:38] <jimm> wuts new with u nitro
[21:51] <jimm> ?
[21:54] <jimm> okay just left her a message
[21:54] <jimm> i know she wants me
[21:55] <jimm> im gonna be nut deep in pussy in a few hours
[21:55] <jimm> srsly