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Submitted By: Pro Smoker
[17:18] ted: hahaha
[17:19] ted: a few days back i left during fifth period to go buy cigarettes
[17:19] ted: i pick up my pack from the counter
[17:19] ted: look up
[17:19] [BTFzor]Ocelot: time slowed down
[17:19] ted: most bulldyke bitch lesbian english teacher in the school is standing behind me
[17:20] ted: glaring at me
[17:20] ted: then walks up hi pack of parliaments pls ^____^
[17:20] [BTFzor]Ocelot: rofl
[17:20] ted: fucking whore
[17:20] ted: judges me for being a 16 year old smoker
[17:20] ted: im not the one calling in a fucking substitute for my job
[17:20] ted: so i can go feed my addiction
[17:21] ted: i wish i was in her class
[17:21] ted: just to zhazh on her for that