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ted: i expect to be the target of an assassination attempt before im 35
[6:57pm] jimmy: ok
[6:58pm] ted: its kinda one reason i want to go military
[6:58pm] jimmy: yea thats def a ted story
[6:58pm] ted: friends in the military + training & experience will help then
[6:58pm] jimmy: the crips, ms13 and AP will all join together
[6:59pm] jimmy: and try to have you clipped
[6:59pm] ted: nah probably the government, the military, or a large corporation
[7:00pm] jimmy: rofl
[7:00pm] ted: hopefully ill work for and have friends in the first 2 before tho
[7:00pm] jimmy: are you od'ing on something right now
[7:01pm] jimmy: you'd have to be to believe the government is gonna try and assassinate you
[7:01pm] jimmy: rofl
[7:01pm] ted: im looking like 15 years into the future
[7:01pm] ted: not right now
[7:01pm] ted: im not on the government's radar right now
[7:01pm] jimmy: you're turning back into 16 year old ted
[7:02pm] jimmy: where the stories were 60 times as ridiculous
[7:02pm] ted: eventually ill have a following large enough to disrupt the status quo
[7:02pm] ted: and people will try to kill me for it
[7:02pm] ted: that happens every single time
[7:03pm] LordNagash joined the chat room.
[7:03pm] jimmy: nagash are you hearing this
[7:03pm] jimmy: in 15 years the government is gonna try and assisinate ted
[7:03pm] jimmy: but he'll use his military experience to thwart them
[7:04pm] ted: its the plan at least
[7:04pm] ted: the most im hoping for is at least to make it obvious i was killed
[7:04pm] ted: most of the time it just looks like a suicide
[7:06pm] jimmy: the president gets called into the situation room
[7:06pm] jimmy: sir we have a report that a 'michael emling' is balling too hard
[7:07pm] ted: i dont think the president is going to kill me
[7:07pm] jimmy: if this isnt stopped our economy will implode
[7:09pm] jimmy: i think you took advice from sieglove and started snorting all the chalk in your house